About StealthR

StealthR was born May 14th, 1993

In Hamburg Germany,

and now resides in Los Angeles CA.

Known for his skill set in fast paced deliveries, and complicated rhyme schemes.

StealthR’s debut album “Vpper Echelon” hit the market late 2020 in collaboration with Artist & Producer Tino XXX.

StealthR refers to himself as an unstoppable force with a flexible mind set able to adapt to any environment.

Looking to uplift his listeners and inject a sense of invincibility into his fans.

Stealth plans on using his unique jet speed style to win over new ears.

In 2018 StealthR joined forces with Mike Lynn CEO of Reven8te, an imprint label on Ingrooves & Universal with the help of his power house manager Billie Kaman founder of 5150Zone, an artist management company.

StealthR’s name was inspired by the U.S. Military’s Stealth Bomber known as the B-2.

It’s signature Dorito chip shape can easily be distinguished in the Stealth Logo.