Has worked with..

JL of “Strange Music”

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JL is a highly skilled recording and preforming artist out of Kansas City, MO

Signed to number one independent artist

“Tech N9ne” on his label “Strange Music”

StealthR featured this artist on his debut album “Vpper Echelon”

Released on October 9th 2019.


JL demonstrated his fast paced accuracy on a song called “Education”

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Stevie Stone

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StealthR featured Stevie Stone on a single called “All In” released in 2018 featuring an artist and producer Jeff James.

Stevie Stone, is an American rapper from Columbia, Missouri.

He was signed to Tech N9ne's Strange Music record label from 2011 to 2021

steve stevens - all in

Tino XXX has been in co-operation with StealthR over the past 6 going on 7 years.

After having met, the two artist have collectively produced over 50+ songs with 6 projects under their belts.

Such as “Vpper Echelon” “Global State of Mind” to name a few.

The two creators are finishing up an EP called “XXX Mafia” set to release June 2021!

a poster for the new release of stealth hr